All players must wear the E.Bees Uniform. New players will be required to order a uniform when they register to enable time for delivery. Uniforms are supplied by XR8 Sports Apparel.  We find it is better to order one slightly larger than the size the player measures up to.

A limited number of loan uniforms maybe available for players that have ordered a uniform as a short term loan until the delivery arrives.

Uniform Numbers are issued according to year of birth, in line with uniform numbering system, to minimise the risk of number clashes.

Unfortunately, we cannot hold all numbers in all singlet sizes and so cannot guarantee we have your favourite number in your size.  However, if you wish to request a particular number please email the Uniform Coordinator on the email below and we will do our best to include that number in your size in the next order if we don't have it.

If you wish to purchase uniforms or merchandise during the season please contact the E.Bees Uniform Coordinator at uniforms@ebees.org.au.

Listed below are details of our uniforms and merchandise.  All payments can be made via the E.Bess account

BSB: 013328

Acc: 009794425

Second Hand Uniforms

Players purchasing a larger uniform, and all players seeking clearance from E.Bees, are offered purchase of reversible uniforms. These uniforms are retained as loan uniforms. Players are discouraged from passing on uniforms as this often arises in number clashes.