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Uniforms are only available via our uniform website:

E.Bees Online Store

current members have an existing account with our uniform supplier.   Generally, your username is your email address.   If you have forgotten your password, please reset it at the E.Bees Portal using the following link All other questions please contact

On the site the current single number is automatically reallocated to your child.  If you wish to order a new uniform with a new number, please contact

New players to the club will be provided with their uniform account details and allocated a number based on the availability of singlet numbers with their age group.

All players must wear the E.Bees Uniform. New players will be required to purchase a uniform. We find it is better to order one slightly larger than the size the player measures up to.

Uniform Numbers are issued according to year of birth, in line with uniform numbering system, to minimise the risk of number clashes.

Unfortunately, we cannot hold all numbers in all singlet sizes and so cannot guarantee we have your favourite number in your size. However, if you wish to request a particular number please email and we will do our best to include that number in your size in the next order if we don't have it.

Second Hand Uniforms

If any players have old uniforms that are no longer needed please consider donating them to the club.


It is difficult when players use second hand uniforms, handed down to siblings or from friends, as number clashes can arise.


However, if you wish to use a second hand uniform, please contact first to check if there any clashes of numbers in not just  your team but across the age group.

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