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All E.Bees teams are required to have an allocated Team Manager whose role is vital in ensuring that the team runs smoothly and the coach can concentrate on coaching.

The Team Manager will be supported in this role by the E.Bees Committee and Age Group Coordinators. As Teammo is used to notify teams of walkovers & for payments of team sheet fees ALL coaches and Team managers must register thru PlayHQ. 

Team Managers are required to have completed a “Working with Children” application before they can take on the role.

We recommend that a Team Manager identifies the best method of contacting parents in their team at the very start of the season.  This may be an email, WhatsApp or SMS list that enables one quick communication with the whole team.

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Role of the TM

Role of the Team Manager

The Team Manager ensures that the team runs smoothly and the coach can concentrate on coaching. The main roles are managing: team communication re games, collecting & paying team sheet fees, creating a scoring roster & MVP voting roster and managing fill-ins / forfeits.

Scoring Roster

Each team must provide a scorer for each game.  Draw up a roster for the season that includes every parent taking turns at attending training and scoring at games.  Some parents may be available for games and not for training so they may pick up extra turns at scoring.  New parents may require coaching as to how to score and the best method is to have an experienced scorer sit with them.  There is additional information available under scoring.


One adult must be present in addition to the coach in case of injury requiring immediate attention.


The first 5-6 weeks are grading games so game details are generally made available 2-3 days before game day.

Full Fixtures for the remainder of the season are usually available after about round 6 or 7 and these are available via the home page of the E.Bees website or the association website link.   Occasionally there may be changes to a game time or venue due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. repairs at a stadium) so it is a good idea to check each week, and even the day before the game.


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Thanks for managing your child's team!
Thanks for managing your child's team!

Team fees need to be paid via Teammo. 

Team Manager’s must ensure Team’s details are correct on the computer screen.PLAYERS not listed or who join a team after team entries are lodged, must have their details registered on the scoring system for the first game that they play – Date of birth MUST be included to avoid the team forfeiting the game.

Also use the Player’s Games Record to record who has paid you each week. (Do not take IOU’s! You will come unstuck.) The Team Manager can either request parents pay in lump sums (generally $50) or on a weekly basis (start with $10, then $7 for the remaining games). If collecting on a weekly basis, Team Manager’s are reminded that they must have sufficient funds to pay for the teamsheet before the game.

Singlet clashes

Singlet clashes occur where both competing teams wear yellow or navy singlets.  Team Managers must arrange one team to turn their singlets inside out before gametime to a different colour (in bathrooms if preferred by players/parents).

Score Sheet

Player non-eligibility and not providing details are the 2 main reasons games are forfeited.


At the first game of each season, you will need to ensure all players are listed on the scoring iPad and correct singlet numbers included.

If a player is not listed (whether a new permanent addition or a fill-in) please ensure their details (name & date of birth) are added to the system.

Score sheet fees need to paid via Teammo at least 24 hours before the game.


If a team forfeits due to insufficient player numbers / player availability. Each team has 10 minutes on the clock to field 4 players to start the game. A point for every minute you delay is awarded to the opponents at half time by the referees. Be a team at the score bench and work with your other score person.

If you know you are short players prior to the day, call your Age Group Co-ordinator. A player from the age group below in the same or lower grade may play. But if stuck at the last minute with less than four players – to save a fine of $70 being imposed, find someone in E.Bees uniform hanging around, ask if they would play to save the team being fined – game may not count, but you have saved the team a fine. Teams may have to pay their own $70 walkover fines – so be mindful.

Before The Game

Before the Game

Ensure they are eligible for finals!
Ensure they are eligible for finals!

In order to qualify to play in the finals a player must play at least 50% of the regular season games (including grading games) to qualify for finals.

If a player falls short of qualifying to play in finals, the following reasons are allowable. For example: a player is injured or gone on a school trip, they must provide a letter from the doctor/physio or school stating the dates games could not be played. These should be forwarded to the Club Secretary at least 10 days before the first final. It may sound petty now, but sometimes, one game is all that is needed to qualify to play in finals. A player may take the court at any stage of the game, even if they arrive in the last minute as long as their details are recorded on the score sheet.

Relax, it isn’t too hard!  Thank you and have a great season and enjoy your child’s sport.



Parent and Player Management

Our parents and players are a vital resource in the successful running of the E.Bees Basketball club.
There are times where a very small percentage of parents or players create friction and tension amongst a team. Parents and players that cause conflict with players, coaches, team managers and officials are not to be tolerated at E.Bees.
Conflict causes major disruptions to teams and we have zero tolerance towards behaviour outside of Basketball Victoria's Code of Conduct and E.Bees Policies.
As a team manager , please familiarise yourself with the Codes of Conduct prior to and during the Season.
If you feel that a player or parent is not acting within the spirit of the BV code of conduct or E.Bees policies contact your Age Group coordinator to discuss a plan to manage the issue.

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