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E.Bees represented: 3x3 comp!                             July 2023

At the recent Bulleen 3x3 competition, E.Bees representatives Jesse, Zac, Liam and Baiden kept their skills sharp during the holidays.

Playing 5 games in 4 hours was challenging however with some set plays and plenty of outside shooting they performed well, with the E.Bees team narrowly missing the grand final.

Well done, boys! Check out the videos to see their great moves.


East Burwood Reserve including Nunawading Basketball Centre Redevelopment Survey                                                                     June 2023

EB Reserve Draft Masterplan with QR JPG .jpg

Your chance to win a free Summer 23/24 Registration - by completing a 2 minute survey to support the redevelopment of Nunawading Basketball Centre.

Nunawading Basketball is thrilled to share the Whitehorse Council [Draft] East Burwood Reserve Masterplan, including the Nunawading Basketball Centre. In the plan, the current 54-year-old, 5-court venue, will be redeveloped into a brand-new 11-court stadium.

Consultation is open to the public until 22/06/23. We need YOUR HELP to ensure it goes ahead!

We need to tell the Council that the necessary redevelopment of Nunawading Basketball Centre is the highest priority. It may not happen otherwise.  

Please complete a two-minute, 10-question survey from the Council by scanning the QR code on the “Have Your Say” Flyer (above) or follow this link.

To make your support clearer, may we suggest these responses:
Q1.    Very Happy
Q2.    Strongly Agree (in particular for the “Sporting Facility Upgrades”)
Q3.    Yes
Q4.     Please write a couple of sentences supporting the redevelopment of the stadium as the highest priority and why the redevelopment is important to you and your family. 

Chance to win a free Summer 23/24 Registration

To enter, when you submit a response to the survey above, take a screenshot upon completion and send it to Mark Hallett, Nunawading Basketball CEO via email with the subject “Masterplan Comment Submitted – [NAME] [CLUB]”. Use the link or

Once the feedback period closes, Nunawading Basketball will draw a raffle for each club and pay for one players Summer 23/24 Registration Fee as a thank you for giving up a few minutes of your time.


Thanks E.Bees!

East Burwood Reserve Masterplan Overview JPG.jpg

E.Bees Summer 22/23 Presentation Day           April 2023


Thanks to all the players, parents, coaches, team managers, cheer squads and E.Bees Committee members who attended our E.Bees Presentation Day! 

CONGRATULATIONS to our E.Bees Summer 22/23 Awards Recipients:
TEAM          (M) MVP    (C) COACH'S AWARD
FNJ B10.1    M: James Atkinson   C: Ethan Kong
FNJ B12.1    M: Josh Nguyen 
FNJ B14.1    M: Jesse Foster & Liam Clayton   C: Gideon Ho
FNJ B16.1    M: Jamie Weinbergs 
FNJ B16.2    M: James Cleary
WNJ M8.1   M: Ian Woo   C: Jasper Chua
WNJ M8.2   M: Rainier Catubig   C: Joshua Varelas
WNJ M8.3   M: Alvin Moschetti   C: Dylan Hng
WNJ M8.4   M: Gemma Phillips   C: Kiyon Perera
WNJ M8. 5   C: Jesse Deal
WNJ G10.1   M: Kylie He   C: Aaliyah Ursula
WNJ G10.2   M: Erin Phillips   C: Eliza Hossain
WNJ G12.1   M: Charmaine Cheung   C: Grace Fahey
WNJ G12.2   M: Kiara Samarajeewa   C:Amalie Mutha-Merennege
WNJ G14.1   M: Alannah Nguyen 
WNJ G16.1   M: Madeliene Walec
GEBC G12.1  M: Sara Taranto   C: Amina Ismail
GEBC G14.1  M: Elisa Stehbens   C: Grace Fahey
GEBC G14.2  M: Lily Gregory   C: Maral Abbasi
GEBC G16.1  M: Sophie McAuliffe 
GEBC G18.1  M: Valerija Ljubicic
GEBC B10.1  M: Henry Fulton   C: Charlie Carman
GEBC B12.1  M: Benjamin Sayce   C: Lucas Ta
GEBC B12.2  M: Emrys van der Nol   C: Idris Ismail
GEBC B14.1  M: Cameron Phung   C: Edward Pham
GEBC B14.2  M: Athan Barbakas   C: Liam Clayton
GEBC B16.1  M: Noah Wiltshire
GEBC B16.2  M: Karlan Ng
GEBC B16.3  M: Connor Materi
GEBC B16.4  M: Nathan Valentini & Teddy Smith 
GEBC B16.5  M: Seth Senaweera 
GEBC B18.1  M: Alex Spicer
GEBC B18.2  M: Matthew McLaren

We're so proud of our E.Bees players who recently reached these fantastic milestones. Congratulations and thank you for your commitment to our club!

300 GAMES:
Connor Materia

200 GAMES:
Zachary Brockway
Luca Materia
Rhys Robotham
Alex Taranto

100 GAMES:
Yianni Adrakatas
Grace Fahey
Tomason Feng
Lily Gregory
Max Preyser
Cadelle Van der Nol
Maddie Walec
Otis Bodna

E.Bees Champions in prestigious Hustle 3 x 3  Tournament!      April 2023

3x3team front.png
3x3team back.png

A select group of E.Bees players recently entered into the prestigious Hustle 3x3 Tournaments in both Sydney and Canberra. 
The girls, Maddy Walec, Lavinia Stow, Bailey Evans and Nikita Antol (along with their dads Andrew & Paul) commenced their long drive along the highway into the highly competitive Sydney tournament where they played 4 games. 
The girls lost their 1st game, however dug deep and built momentum to enter into the semi final to play their nemesis. This was the grudge match however the girls ha
d a plan and executed it with a smile on their faces. Upon securing the semi final victory they moved into the grand final against a talented highly regarded representative team – and played with fierce determination, balanced skill and rigour. 
In the Grand Final, the Ebees girls dominated, utilising pick and rolls, backdoor cuts and strong rebounding to win by 6 points.
They were the Sydney 3x3 Champions!
The touring group then moved to the Canberra tournament, where upon hearing of the girls Sydney victory, the Canberra organisers offered the girls to enter into the Open Men’s competition – and the girls bravely accepted (with the dads being allowed to contribute).
The girls fought hard against the older boys and came up short (2 games of less than 1 point) but received much praise for their efforts from opposing teams' parents. 
The tour ended with another campsite open fire, delicious meals and foot messages. 
The Girls have a World Ranking and will continue to build upon this in future tournaments.
What an experience for the girls and we encourage others to join us next time as we plan another round of travelling tournaments.

Go E.Bees!

3x3team playing.png

Presentation Day Invitation                                                   April 2023

Summer Season  22/23 Presentation Day 

THIS Sunday, 30th April 
1pm to 3.30 pm 
Nunawading Stadium Court 1

Ebees Basketball Club will provide Pizza and soft drinks.
For catering purposes please complete this form!


Charles, thank you for 45 years at E.Bees                         March  2023

charles spicer 1977.jpg

Charles Spicer has been a proud member of the E.Bees Basketball Club since joining as a young player in 1977. 

As a fantastic coach and age group coordinator, Charles has inspired hundreds of E.Bees players over the years to both enjoy the game and improve their skills.

Summer 2022-2023 was Charles' last season as an E.Bees Coach.

Thank you Charles for your dedication and commitment to our club.





What an amazing Summer season for E.Bees Basketball Club!
Good luck to all our E.Bees teams in the finals:

Friday Night teams:
B10 E.Bees 1     B12 E.Bees 1     B14 E.Bees 1       B16 E.Bees 2

Saturday teams:
B12 E.Bees 1     B12 E.Bees 2     G12 E.Bees 1       B14 E.Bees 2
B14 E.Bees 1     G14 E.Bees 1     G14 E.Bees 2       B16 E.Bees 1
B16 E.Bees 2     B16 E.Bees 3     G18 E.Bees 18    G16 E.Bees 16
B18 E.Bees 3

Monday teams:
G12 E.Bees 2     G12 E.Bees 12     G16 E.Bees 1

And best wishes to our  six teams of Under 8's in their final round!


Excellent Summer season for E.Bees Basketball Club          March 2023

Round 17 of the 2022/23 Summer Season marked the end of the junior basketball journey for two of our E.Bees U18 boys.

Matt and Jarrod have been regular players across our Friday Night and Saturday competitions and have both played in excess of 300 basketball games.

Representing the U18-1 team for the final time, their on court leadership helped get the team across the line for a season best win.  Some clutch 3 point shooting by Jarrod and Matt icing the game with a series of free throws to secure a narrow win!

Congratulations Matt and Jarrod and good luck with your basketball future.

Go E Bees!

E.Bees Basketball Club farewells two U18 champs           March 2023

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