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Life Members

E.Bees Life Members are nominated and appointed by the Club Committee in recognition for contributing one (or more) of the following:​

  • 10 years of service as a Committee Member

  • 10 years of service as a coach​

  • Extraordinary service to the Club

Denise Bruce             Jill Crawford           Peter Dolphin 

Terry Eastwood          Charles Ellul           Laurie Gabell 

Marion Harrison         Barry Hocking         Keith Hughes 

Eden Huston              Ben Janssen           Wendy Middleton 

Brenda O'Dwyer         Rob Olley               John O'Sullivan 

Maureen O'Sullivan    Richard Snare        Adam Stacey 

Myra Stacey               Andrea Woolfe        Mark Watkins 

Gerry McNamee         Stephen Kennedy   Cheryl-Anne Olley

Trish Scott

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